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Internet Marketing Consultant - Contact Metrinex today for targeted traffic to your web site!Metrinex understands the importance and difficulty of promoting your web site to targeted traffic on the internet. Without a promotional program potential customers may never find your web site or the web site may never achieve optimal traffic levels. Metrinex offers multiple proven internet promotional strategies. 


Search engine optimization is the process of determining what keywords and/or phrases web users utilize to search for products and services you are selling and then creating web pages that have a theme around these keywords and/or phrases that are an integral part of your web site. Developing the proper keywords and phrases requires access to specialized tools that service companies like Metrinex subscribe to and should be the first step in content creation of any web site.


The optimized web pages target prescreened customers looking exactly for the products and services you are providing. Metrinex offers the following services in support optimized web page development:

Optimized Page Services
Keyword Utilization Document Metrinex provides a document outlining what search terms are best suited to your business and the expected web traffic per month associate with each term for each of the major search engines.
Optimized Page Creation Metrinex creates search phrase theme pages for each search term selected for your targeted marketing campaign and submits them to each of the major search engines for indexing. If necessary for complete site indexing Metrinex will create and submit a site map to Google. Metrinex also submits your web site to various directories ensuring maximum exposure of your internet presence.
Site Linking Metrinex will create proper links to your web site to improve page ranking of your site and its pages.

Managing and creating optimized  web pages is a duanting and time consuming task. Contact Metrinex today and leave the complexities of internet promotion to us!

Search optimization is the minimum program suggested to accompany the launch of your internet presence.


The pay-per-click model allows you to market your internet presence based upon a budget you create. Charges are incurred only when a user clicks onto to your web site based upon keywords that are bid (auctioned) for and limited to the budget you select for your marketing campaign. The pay-per-click campaigns appear on the top and/or left side of the search result and accented with a larger font or different background color.

Metrinex will manage and develop a pay-per-click campaign on each of the major search engines based upon your internet marketing budget.